Face – now with programme note

From 2013 – 2016 I made a number of attempts to describe the geometry of faces and bodies using sound (Exhibition Suite; Anatomical Study: Voluptuous; Piano Concerto No. 1), and then The Woman-Notes-Thing goes a step further and describes a creature *made* from sounds.

Picasso asked, “are we to paint what is on the face, what is inside the face, or what is behind the face?” – a timely reminder that there is more to a good portrait than just getting the dimensions right. So the second movement of this piece is haunted by a tape part, an attempt to move beyond the first movement’s geometrical depiction and reveal that which haunts the subject.

for piano, vibraphone and tape

1. Portrait
2. Behind the Face

Performed by Passepartout Duo (Piano: Nicoletta Favari, Vibraphone: Christopher Salvito).

Thanks to Passepartout for an enjoyable concert and four enthralling performances of Platform 4’s new works.


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